New Construction

Benefits of Energy Efficiency and New Construction

Energy is one of the biggest expenses for commercial buildings. By incorporating energy efficiency into your design and build, you can lower these future costs and maximize the comfort, quality, and safety of the building.

Examples of incorporating energy efficiency measures into your project include: purchasing energy-efficient equipment (heating and cooling systems, hot water systems, etc.), making weatherization upgrades (insulation and air sealing), installing energy-efficient appliances and lighting, and more.

Benefits of energy efficiency and new construction include:

  • Return on Investment — increase the ROI of your project and save time and money in the future with lower energy bills
  • Maintenance Time — lower time and costs spent on repairing equipment
  • Comfort — enjoy year-round comfort with consistent temperatures and better air quality in your building
  • Health & Safety — create a safe environment for your employees and customers
  • Reduce Vacancy — tenants will realize the savings of lower energy costs