Energy Savings for Renters

Taking energy-saving actions brings benefits to both renters and landlords, including reduced energy costs and increased comfort.

Energy-Saving Opportunities for Renters

As a renter, you may feel as though you don’t have control over the energy costs in your home. But there are many no-cost and low-cost opportunities to save energy without making any major changes to your space.

Home Energy Assessment

If you are a renter living in a single-family home or duplex, we offer energy-saving opportunities to households through a Home Energy Assessment.

Nominate Your Property

If you are a renter living in an apartment or townhome, you can nominate your property for a FREE Energy Assessment.

Resources for Renters

Switch to LED Lighting

Switch to LED lightbulbs in the lamps and fixtures you use most often around your residence. LEDs use less energy, cost less to operate and can last up to 25 years longer.

Control Your Temperature Settings

Take control of your own thermostat, lower the temperature an additional seven to ten degrees for eight hours a day (like when you are at work or sleeping). 

Rent Assistance Available Through Illinois Department of Human Services

The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) is currently accepting applications for rental assistance. If you are looking for assistance, please contact an IDHS Service Provider Agency in your area.

Turn Off Electronics When Not in Use

When you are not using an electronic (like a computer or TV), make sure it is properly turned off. Leaving electronics on wastes energy and money.

Consider purchasing an advanced power strip to automatically turn all electronics off when not in use throughout your home.

Discover Energy-Saving Tips and Tools

Take control of your energy usage and check out tips covering a wide array of topics including renovations, lighting and more. 

Power Smart Pricing

Save money and energy by being smarter about how and when you use your energy.

Peak Time Rewards

Get rewarded for reducing your electricity below your personal usage baseline.

Hear From a Customer Mike and Margie Brill - Maple Tree Apartments

Learn how Mike and Margie Brill enhanced the quality of living for their tenants while also lowering energy costs!