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Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program Allies

Program Allies are the registered contractors, consultants, distributors and other trade companies who help Ameren Illinois customers complete energy efficiency projects and take advantage of financial incentives to reduce project costs. 

Registered Program Allies with Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program are trusted to provide energy efficiency services to Ameren Illinois Business customers.

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The icons listed next to certain Program Allies indicate that they’ve reached certain energy savings thresholds for their customers in the previous Program Year. The icons correspond to increasing in energy savings thresholds from left to right as shown below.

Energy Savings Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

Gas Energy Savings

Electric Energy Savings

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What is a Program Ally?

When Ameren Illinois residential and business customers want to complete an energy efficiency project, they turn to our trusted Program Ally Contractors. Watch our video to learn more.