Heating & Cooling

Collectively, heating and cooling systems can account for up to 40% of the energy used in a business. Whether implementing simple upgrades or whole system replacements, HVAC enhancements can improve comfort, manage usage and reduce costs. Certain telltale signs indicate it’s time to consider replacing heating and cooling equipment, or improving the performance of your overall system. Replacing equipment with ENERGY STAR® certified models could save you up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs.

Benefits of energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment include:

  • Profitability — Upgrading to efficient models can lead to long-term reduced energy costs, freeing up cash to reinvest into your business.
  • Productivity — Precise temperature and humidity control contributes to a more comfortable workspace and can improve employee productivity.
  • Sustainability Energy-efficient equipment can help your business reach sustainability goals.
  • Indoor air quality High-efficiency HVAC systems can provide better ventilation and air filtration, leading to healthier indoor air quality.