Energy Efficiency For All

The Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program aims to increase the comfort of homes, manage energy usage and reduce energy costs for our customers. Through various incentives, offerings and education, the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program helps our customers empower the quality of their lives.

In 2018, the Market Development Initiative (MDI) was established as part of the Energy Efficiency Program to closely integrate with both the Business and Residential teams on day-to-day operations, helping to identify more project opportunities, maximize customer touchpoints and create a streamlined process for customers’ participation in the Energy Efficiency Program. 

The mission of MDI is not only to meet key metrics, but to transform how the Energy Efficiency Program operates in every area. To this point, MDI cultivates new economic and energy efficiency opportunities for diverse individuals and communities residing in the Ameren Illinois service territory. Together, the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program and MDI will achieve Energy Efficiency for All.


Since 2018, MDI partnered with 121 community-based organizations, engaged over 350,000 customers, provided 121 scholarships at seven community colleges, funded 78 internships and spent over $109,000,000 with diverse-owned businesses.


Since 2008, the Residential Program has reduced customers’ energy usage by as much as the equivalency of powering almost 100,000 homes for one year. This reduced energy usage means ultimate savings for our customers.


Since 2008, the Business Program has saved customers’ energy usage by as much as the equivalency of taking over 250,000 cars off the road. This reduced energy usages means ultimate savings for business owners and so much more.

Market Development Initiative Goals

Engage customers who have not previously benefited from energy efficiency.
Increase number of energy efficiency jobs available to local and diverse candidates.
Support new or growing energy efficiency businesses.

MDI believes all customers should have access to incentives and education to help complete energy-saving upgrades and increase their quality of life, regardless of income, socioeconomic status or any participation barriers. Especially in low-income communities and neighborhoods, MDI aims for Energy Efficiency for All, building greater community engagement, while creating energy industry jobs and delivering cost savings to those that need it the most.

Real Energy Efficiency For Real Results

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