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Welcome to the Program Ally Portal for the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Business Program.


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The Program Ally Portal provides you with valuable information, including access to the application status portal, Program Ally bonus details, training, and co-branding materials and guidelines. Please check the portal often for the latest news and content for this Program.

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Program & Incentive Information

Business Program Allies will receive a bonus on eligible projects submitted through the Business Program on an Early Completion Basis*.

Please refer to the PY2023 Program Ally Bonus schedule below:

Complete Your Project By:Program Ally Bonus Amount:
March 31, 202315%
June 30, 202310%
Sept. 30, 20235%

*This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers or bonuses. Only non-residential customer projects are eligible for this bonus. This bonus does not apply to the Online Store, Midstream HVAC/HPWH Offerings, Small Business Direct Install projects, Staffing Grant, Strategic Energy Management (SEM), Metering & Monitoring, Feasibility Study or Building Energy Assessment (BEA). Bonuses are capped at $10,000 per project. Project and paperwork must adhere to all Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program guidelines and requirements. This bonus is based on Program funding and may be suspended at any time. Program Ally must be registered and in good standing to receive the Program Ally Bonus. For lighting projects, the Program Ally must submit projects through Amplify Online Lighting for Standard Lighting Projects, Streetlighting and New Construction Lighting projects. The Program Ally Bonus will apply to all electric incentives and gas incentives. Projects must be completed on or after Jan. 1, 2023. Projects that had financial commitment or were pre-approved prior to Oct. 25, 2022 are not eligible for the incentive bonus.  

Standard and Custom lighting projects are now easier than ever to submit! Using the Online Lighting Application you can:

Get your applications processed more quickly

• Run estimates for customers with energy savings and incentives
• Pick your lamps from pre-loaded manufacturer data
• Avoid sending in spec sheets
• Save time on paperwork
• Save your favorite equipment in the system for repeated use

Online Lighting Application

2023 Applications

General Forms

Application Overview Video Guide
Incentive Payment Request Form
Payment Release Authorization Form
Landlord Consent Form
Large Incentive Request Form
Application Guide
Incentive Reference Guide


Custom Application
Feasibility Study Application
Metering and Monitoring Application
Supplemental Application for Customers without a Natural Gas Efficiency Program

HVAC/Water Heaters

Public HVAC/Water Heaters Application
Private HVAC/Water Heaters Application
Ground Source Heat Pump Application


Standard Lighting Application

Specialty Equipment

Specialty Equipment Agriculture Application
Specialty Equipment Industrial Facilities Application
Specialty Equipment Refrigeration Application
Specialty Equipment Data Centers
Public Specialty Equipment Hospitality Application
Private Specialty Equipment Hospitality Application
Farm Energy Audit Application
Water Saving Devices Application
Steam Trap Repair/Replacement Application
Monitored Steam Trap Application
Public Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Application
Private Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Application
Ultra Low Temp Freezers

New Construction

New Construction Application (Excel)
New Construction Street Lighting Application
New Construction Design Team Application

Retro Commissioning

Retro Commissioning Large Facilities Application
Retro-Commissioning Lite Application
Retro Commissioning Industrial Refrigeration Application
Large Facility Retro-Commissioning RSP Application
Monitoring-Based Retro Commissioning

Street Lighting

Street Lighting Application

Instant Incentives Installation

Non Profit Equipment Install Application
Public Sector Equipment Install Application

View your previously submitted applications.

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Ameren Illinois Energy Advisors are a great resource and will provide your company with technical assistance, accompany your staff on sales calls, and assist with project applications.

Energy Advisor Territory Map

Illinois Law requires contractors who are installing certain measures for Energy Efficiency Programs in Illinois to be certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). ICC certified contractors must renew their certification each year. Click the link below to find out where you stand with your certification.

Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) Installer Certification Requirement

Marketing & Sales Resources

Thank you to all who attended the Program Ally Kickoff events held in November 2022. We hope you found the event both valuable and informative.

If you were unable to attend, you can find the presentation slides linked below.

Kickoff Presentation Slides for Business Program Allies

Promote Your Involvement with Co-Branding

As a Registered Program Ally, you can co-brand your marketing materials using the approved Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program Ally logo and text references, as well as order pre-approved co-branded marketing materials. You must follow all co-branding requirements in order to co-brand with the Program.

Co-Branding Requirements

Please read through the Co-Branding Requirements document linked below before creating any co-branded or Program-related marketing collateral. You will find important information on approved uses, text references, and logo requirements.

Co-Branding Requirements

Approved Program Ally Logos

Download the approved Registered Program Ally logos at the links below. Before using the logos in any of your marketing, be sure to read through the Co-Branding Requirements.

Download approved Registered Program Ally logos: Horizontal Version | Vertical Version

Submit Co-Branded Materials for Review & Approval

All co-branded materials created by our Program Allies must be approved by our Program per the Co-Branding Requirements. You can submit a request to have your materials, webpages, social media posts, etc. reviewed and approved by our Program at the link below.

Submit Co-Branded Materials for Review & Approval

Program Ally Marketing Portal

You can order Program-designed and pre-approved co-branded materials for FREE! You can simply download PDF versions or have them shipped to you free of charge.

Create an Account for the Marketing Portal
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Program Ally Social Media Toolkit

You can download Program-designed and pre-approved social media posts for FREE from our Program Ally Social Media Toolkit! Click the link below to learn more about the requirements and get started.

Program Ally Social Media Toolkit


If you have any questions, contact Jordan Nelson at jnelson2@ameren.com or 1.309.981.9496.

Business Program Application Overview Video Guide

Watch the Training Video

Training Archive

PY22 Program Ally Kick-Off

Program Ally Kickoff Webinar

Program Ally Kickoff Presentation

Manufacturer Heat Pump Webinars

Samsung HVAC Webinar | Samsung HVAC Presentation

Lennox Webinar | Lennox Presentation

Mitsubishi Webinar | Mitsubishi Presentation

Believe in the Math Behind Air Source Heat Pumps Morning Brief Webinar

Believe in the Math Behind Air Source Heat Pumps Morning Brief

Believe in the Math Behind Air Source Heat Pumps Morning Presentation

Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Instant Incentives Midstream HVAC for Distributors Webinar

Instant Incentives Midstream HVAC for Distributors Webinar

Instant Incentives Midstream HVAC for Distributors Presentation

Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Instant Incentives Midstream HVAC for Program Allies Webinar

Instant Incentives Midstream HVAC for Program Allies Webinar

Instant Incentives Midstream HVAC for Program Allies Presentation

Heat Pump Water Heater Webinar for Allies – September 10, 2020

Heat Pump Water Heater Webinar

Heat Pump Water Heater Presentation

Do you have open positions in your organization, post them on our Energy Efficiency Jobs Board to find qualified candidates!

Click here to visit our Jobs Board

Instant Incentives

Contractors can receive an instant discount on Lighting, Central Air Conditioners, Air Source Heat Pumps, Heat Pump Water Heaters, Notched V-belts, and Smart Thermostats and pass those savings on to your customers! To receive the discount, you must purchase from a participating Instant Incentives distributor. Learn more at AmerenIllinoisSavings.com/Instant.

Find Participating Distributors

View Non-lighting Categories, Requirements, and Incentive Levels

View Lighting Categories, Requirements, and Incentive Levels

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Small Business Direct Install (SBDI)

If you are interested in becoming a Small Business Program Ally (lighting and refrigeration incentives directed at small businesses), please complete our Small Business Program Ally request form and our team will contact you to move forward with your enrollment.

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Ameren Illinois Small Business Energy Advisors are available to assist you with any Program needs you may have.

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