Air Source Heat Pumps

Why Buy a Ducted Air Source Heat Pump?

According to ENERGY STAR®, nearly half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. Ducted air source heat pumps(ASHPs) offer an energy-efficient alternative to conventional systems and can provide up to 100 percent of your heating and cooling needs.

They work by drawing heat from the environment and moving it indoors to heat your home in the winter or moving it outdoors to cool your home during the summer months. According to ENERGY STAR, air source heat pumps offer many benefits, including:

  • Reduced Heating and Cooling Costs: An ENERGY STAR® certified ASHP provides heating for approximately one third the cost of traditional electric baseboard heating and approximately half the cost of oil heat. Reduced energy usage means lower monthly utility bills for you!
  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions: On average, ENERGY STAR certified models avoid more than 4,500 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions over the course of their lifespan compared to standard systems. An ASHP is good for your home and good for the planet!
  • Less Infrastructure: In the summer, ASHPs are air conditioners that pump heat out of your home. Then in the winter, they reverse, becoming heaters that pump heat into your home. ASHPs offer highly efficient heating and cooling in one integrated system!