Bump Up Your Basement’s Energy Efficiency

Basements are often multipurpose spaces used for everything from the kids’ playroom to plain old storage, which means you have tons of opportunities to make your basement energy efficient. With these savvy tips, you can start saving energy today.

Brighten Your Basement

Consider replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED specialty light bulbs, which are six to seven times more energy efficient. LED bulbs can cut electric use by up to 80 percent and last more than 25 times longer, which means you can shine a light on every corner of your basement for years to come.

Seal Air Ducts

Leaky air ducts can be a huge source of energy loss in your home. By sealing air ducts, you can prevent air from seeping out. When sealing your air ducts, opt for foil tape. It’s versatile, able to stand up to extreme cold and heat, and is able to hold up over time.

Close Your Air Vents

Heating and cooling empty rooms can be a big waste. Close the vents in any unused areas throughout your basement to help save energy (and ultimately money) by reducing your heating and cooling efforts.

Add a Dehumidifier in the Summer…

Reducing the amount of moisture in the air can make your basement seem much cooler, without having to turn on the AC. ENERGY STAR certified dehumidifiers remove the same amount of moisture as conventional models while using nearly 30 percent less energy. Now your basement can be comfortable for every family occasion.

… And a Humidifier in the Winter!

Dry air feels cooler than moist air, so adding moisture back into the air will make the air around you feel warmer! With a humidifier, you won’t need to crank up the heat as high, which can save you energy in the long run.

Invest in Insulation

Small air leaks can be a big drain on your energy bill. Insulating behind your breaker box and small fixtures like outlets help keep energy bills low, which means less time worrying about a chilly basement and more time enjoying it.

Keep Doors Closed

Closing off small areas like closets can ensure your basement gets proper air distribution, saving you money and energy. Now the only draft you have to worry about is your the fantasy baseball team you have with your friends.

Add an Air-Source Heat Pump

Is your basement chilly during the winter months? Try adding an air-source heat pump, which can deliver 1.5 to 3 times more heat energy to a home than the electrical energy it consumes. So cozy up with your loved ones and start counting the savings!

Now that your basement is energy efficient, check out our tips for saving energy in your bathroom!