Artwork by Alexander Martin, member of the Peoria Guild of Black Artists

Call for Ideas Submission

Since 2020, The Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program, in collaboration with the Peoria Guild of Black Artists (PGOBA), has been working to bring art to the public in a meaningful way to highlight the importance of energy efficiency in the community. The Program and PGOBA are thrilled to introduce the inaugural open call for art submissions that reflects an Ameren Illinois customer’s journey with energy efficiency.

Peoria Guild of Black Artists’ mission is to highlight and uplift marginalized voices within the arts, while also creating equitable paid opportunities for Black creatives. In collaboration with the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program, PGOBA was able to live out its mission while also highlighting the Program’s offerings and increasing awareness with Ameren Illinois customers. Some examples of artwork created through this collaboration can be seen below.

Artwork on right by Hannah Offutt, member of the Peoria Guild of Black Artists

Artwork by Chantell Marlow, member of the Peoria Guild of Black Artists

Submission Information

  • All works of art should capture specific Program offerings and represent the communities Ameren Illinois serves.
  • Submissions will be accepted from September 8 through October 30.
  • Participants must reside within the Ameren Illinois service territory.
  • Art can be any medium/format.

All work should include:

  • The artist name
  • The title of the piece
  • Medium/format of the submission (ex: photo, video, sculpture, etc.)
  • The year it was completed.
  • Short description of the piece

Paintings, sculptures, installations, mixed media, photography, and digital art will all be considered. Submissions that are a non-digital format will need photos of the artwork uploaded to the submission form.

Image needs to be:

  • 300ppi quality
  • 2625 pixels wide by 1725 pixels high

All submitted files need to be in a finalized format and ready for reproduction.

Compensation and Awards


  • The first 50 artists who submit will be compensated at a value of $50.
  • ALL submissions will be featured in an art book to be published and distributed by PGOBA in varying formats.


  • Three selections that best highlight the Energy Efficiency program and the community will be selected by a panel consisting of PGOBA members and team members from the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program.
  • Winning submissions will be used in upcoming Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program marketing campaigns, with artist credited, based on marketing needs and submission format. Examples of this marketing material can include billboards, mailers, etc. and will reach our customer base of over 1.2 million.

Artwork by Chantell Marlow, member of the Peoria Guild of Black Artists

Artwork by Chantell Marlow, member of the Peoria Guild of Black Artists

PGOBA and Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Portfolio

Some of the Program offerings available to customers within the Ameren Illinois service territory that have been highlighted by the guild’s collaboration are:

Residential customers have endless opportunities to start their energy efficiency journey with the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program to improve comfort, manage usage and reduce their energy costs. There are even simple things a customer can do at home, on their own to help manage their energy costs.

Smart thermostats can save a customer money, energy and time with its smart features, allowing customers complete control of their home or businesses temperature from their smart devices. The Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program has several offerings to get customers a free, or low-cost smart thermostat.
The Business Symposium is a large event for business customers and is a one-stop-shop for energy efficiency – making it easy for businesses to learn about the latest in energy-efficiency, while connecting with trusted energy professionals and gaining financial incentives to move energy efficiency projects forward.

Beautiful Peoria Murals

Three murals were created by PGOBA to highlight different aspects of sustainability, community and life in the city of Peoria. The locations were selected so the customers could interact with the murals, making energy efficiency feel personal and approachable.

Diversity and Equity Statements

The Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program values diversity and representation in all forms. This call is open to all members of the community, and we invite submissions that highlight and honor all intersections of identities.
Peoria Guild of Black Artists is a safe and welcoming space. We support and uplift all marginalized voices and do not discriminate. We are a space for all Black voices and do our part to make space for our underrepresented siblings in the LGBTQIA+ communities, Neuro-Diverse communities, and all other intersections that are affected by systematic oppression. Our goal is to highlight ALL members of our community and we encourage all to apply.

This project is brought to you by the Ameren Illinois Market Development Initiative (MDI) which was established as part of the Energy Efficiency Program to closely integrate with both the Business and Residential teams on day-to-day operations, helping to identify more project opportunities, maximize customer touchpoints and create a streamlined process for customers’ participation in the Energy Efficiency Program. The mission of MDI is to transform how the Energy Efficiency Program operates in every area. To this point, MDI cultivates new economic and energy efficiency opportunities for diverse individuals and communities residing in the Ameren Illinois service territory. For more information visit