Variable Frequency Drives

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Variable Frequency Drives

Typical motors have two settings: on or off, which means they either use 0% or 100% of the maximum energy they need to operate. Installing variable frequency drives (VFD) to existing fan or pump motors allows those motors to work at a lower speed during periods of lower demand.

Benefits installing VFDs include:

  • Profitability — reducing the amount of energy required to operate core systems in your facilities can lead to long-term, reduced energy costs
  • Reduced Maintenance — VFDs limit the amount of electrical currents that cause stress to motor components, including starters, cables, contacts, and connectors. By limiting this wear and tear, you’ll lower the incidence of pitting, corrosion, and insulation breakdown in your motors.
  • Extended Equipment Life— Reducing the amount of stress your motors experience from electrical currents not only reduces maintenance time and costs, it also extends the life of your motors.