Strategic Energy Management


As the cost of energy increases, it becomes more and more challenging for businesses to remain competitive in
the marketplace. One way for companies to tip the scales in their favor is to incorporate an energy management
program into their daily Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), making energy efficiency a way of life. Continuous
improvement toward energy efficiency requires the establishment of effective energy management practices and
processes to ensure that savings goals are not only realized but are also sustainable. Strategic Energy Management
is a continuous process of planning, implementation, and monitoring energy consumption and operational practices to
provide a path for achieving energy-savings goals — if your organization is willing to make the commitment.

Planning and executing a successful Strategic Energy Management program can be a daunting task to undertake.
The steps outlined in this document are intended to provide a guideline for your organization as you embark on this
endeavor. It will also highlight incentive programs available through Ameren Illinois that can help your organization
realize its energy efficiency goals. As you work your way throug h the process outlined in this booklet, you will see tips
referencing the appropriate incentive Ameren Illinois program to consider during each stage of the process, along
with links to more detailed program information and training resources.

If you are interested in learning more about Strategic Energy Management (SEM) and the benefits in taking part in the SEM program, contact Tom Tyler:

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