Savings for Home Insulation Upgrades

A home efficiency retrofit upgrade is a complete approach to making your home more comfortable and energy-efficient by evaluating where energy is being wasted and completing home upgrades to reduce energy usage and start saving.

The first step to take towards energy savings for home upgrades starts with a Home Energy Assessment. During the Assessment, a trained and certified Program Ally contractor is looking at your home for energy-saving opportunities and common home improvements including insulation, air sealing, ventilation and more.

After the Assessment, the Program Ally contractor provides you with a customized project report identifying options for retrofit upgrades that can be incorporated in your home such as insulation, air sealing, ventilation and more. The report also outlines available incentives and estimates your total out-of-pocket cost to complete the project. 

Once you and your Program Ally agree to a home efficiency project right for your home, the Program Ally finishes the project with top quality standards. Finally, relax comfortably knowing both your home and your monthly energy bill are better managed after completing a home efficiency home upgrade project. 

How to Get Started

Check your eligibility and qualifications.

Based off your income, you may qualify for a FREE Home Energy Assessment through our Home Efficiency Income Qualified Initiative (HEIQ).

If you don’t qualify for HEIQ, continue to Step 2. If you do qualify for HEIQ, complete the application and a member of our team will contact you regarding next steps.

Find a Program Ally in your area.

Even though you don’t qualify for a FREE Home Energy Assessment, you can still receive a Home Energy Assessment from a registered Program Ally contractor. Finding a Program Ally is quick and easy. Click on the button below and select “Home Efficiency” under the “Contractor Type” drop-down.

Contact the Program Ally of your choice to get started.

Feel free to contact multiple Program Allies to quote your project. It’s your decision which price and Program Ally would work best for your energy efficiency upgrade project. Be sure to ask your Program Ally about any associated Home Energy Assessment or Energy Audit fees as you weigh the options in beginning your energy efficiency journey.

Financing Options

Ameren Illinois offers additional payment assistance to help offset the cost of your upcoming home upgrade project.

What is the Difference Between a Home Energy Assessment and an Energy Audit?

Home Energy Assessment is performed by a Program Ally to find energy-saving opportunities for common home improvements that may have incentives available to help offset the cost of completing the project.

An Energy Audit offers you a deeper look at the systems in your home and helps to identify particular areas of the home needing more energy efficiency focus.

  • Estimate Your Project Costs — Estimate the scope, costs and incentives of your home efficiency upgrade project. Only registered Ameren Illinois Program Allies are able to offer incentives through the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program.
  • Trained and Accredited Professionals — Program Allies are Building Performance Institute certified and trained to look at all the systems of your home when providing recommendations for energy efficiency improvements.
  • Increased Savings Strategies — Program Allies work with you to identify savings on home upgrade project materials and equipment to help determine where your dollars would be best spent.
  • HVAC and Comfort Control Solutions — Program Allies are actively engaged with industry experts in HVAC technologies. Program Allies work to offer resources and connect you with experts on heating and cooling upgrades best suited for your home.
How Do You Measure Up

Take a look at your Ameren Illinois utility bills and see how energy-efficient your home is. Then decide if you are falling short and in need of home upgrades such as insulation, air sealing and more. 

How Do I Measure Up