Heat Pump Water Heaters

Switch to a heat pump water heater and start saving. Incentives are available to help offset the cost of your purchase.

Water heaters are the second highest source of energy usage in your home. Heat pump water heaters (HPWH) draw heat from their environment to heat the water inside the tank.

With an ENERGY STAR® certified heat pump water heater, make the same amount of hot water as your current standard electric model, but use 70% less energy.* Using less energy reduces your monthly energy bill and saves you money year after year.

*Source: energystar.gov

Incentives and Installation Options

For Self-Installation:

Purchase from a retailer of your choice and apply for an $800 Online Rebate.


Purchase at Lowe’s or The Home Depot and redeem an $800 Instant Coupon at the time of purchase.

*Offer valid for Ameren Illinois Electric customers.

For Professional Installation:

Contact your trusted contractor and encourage them to purchase from one of our participating distributors to receive a discount of up to $1,300.

Contact one of our trusted Program Ally Contractors and inquire about available heat pump water heaters incentives prior to installation to receive a discount of up to $1,300.

*Signage in retail stores does not guarantee the product qualifies for a rebate. To check eligibility, visit our rebate portal or the ENERGY STAR website to check the specific model’s eligibility. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing to receive your rebate.

By switching to heat supplied through electricity, not only will you save every month on energy costs, but you also have the convenience and reliability of the Ameren Illinois electric delivery system.

Advantage of Switching From Propane to Electric:

• Affordable: Unlike propane and oil heating, electric heating costs remain stable over the years. Electricity is currently a cheaper option for heating and is predicted to remain so for many years.

• Safe and Reliable: With no burning materials, combustible gases or noxious fumes, electric heating is the safest possible heating solution for your home. Efficient electric appliances typically involve heat pumps or induction technology which have become increasingly more reliable versus early versions of those technologies.

• Convenient: The Ameren Illinois electric system is already connected to your home to deliver electricity in a reliable manner. You never need to worry about running low on fuel, scheduling tank refills or maintaining storage tanks.

Improve the heating and cooling efficiency of your home by switching from propane to electric heating options like an air source heat pump. Air source heat pumps offer highly efficient heating and cooling in one integrated system. In the summer, air source heat pumps are air conditioners that pump heat out of your home. In the winter, they reverse, becoming heaters that pump heat into your home.

Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps:

• Reduced Heating Costs: An ENERGY STAR® certified air source heat pump provides heating for approximately one third the cost of traditional electric baseboard heating, depending on where you live, and approximately half the cost of oil or propane heat. An air source heat pump is so efficient that it can deliver up to three times more heat energy to a home than the electrical energy it consumes.

• Reduced Cooling Costs: During the summer months, a central air source heat pump automatically becomes a central air conditioner. With ENERGY STAR products, you’ll also have reduced cooling bills due to highly efficient operation.

• Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions: An air source heat pump is good for your home and good for the planet. On average, ENERGY STAR certified models avoid more than 4,500 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions over the course of their lifespan compared to standard systems.

• Less Infrastructure: Air source heat pumps offer highly efficient heating and cooling in one integrated system.

Through the Home Efficiency Income Qualified (HEIQ) Initiative, eligible Ameren Illinois customers receive a FREE Home Energy Assessment to learn where your home is losing energy and discover ways to incorporate energy-efficient home improvements like LED lightbulbs, advanced power strips and heat pumps, all at no cost to you!

Benefits of a FREE Home Energy Assessment:

• Energy Usage: Understand how much energy your home is using and what appliances and products are using the most energy.

• Health and Safety: Uncover hidden problems that could be wasting energy and making your home unsafe, like poorly insulated walls and improper ventilation.

• Savings: Identify incentives to help determine budgeting for projects.

• Free Energy-Saving Products: During the Home Energy Assessment, receive FREE installation of energy-efficient products in your home. Propane appliances (furnaces, water heaters, stoves and clothes dryers) may be eligible for free replacement with electric appliances (heat pump water heaters, induction stoves, or heat pump clothes dryers).

Benefits of a Heat Pump Water Heater

  • Super Energy-Efficient: Heat pump water heaters use one-third the electricity at one-third the cost of conventional electric water heaters.
  • Health and Safety: Heat pump water heaters are safe and reliable. They are also easy to install because they do not require extra venting to remove exhaust gases.
  • Reliability: Heat pumps have been around for decades and are a proven, reliable technology. ENERGY STAR certified electric water heaters come with a minimum 6-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Eco-Friendly: Heat pump water heaters require less energy to make the same hot water, which conserves resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.