Residential Customers

Find ways to reduce your energy and save on monthly costs.

Energy-Saving Opportunities

The Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program is committed to helping you find ways to improve comfort, manage usage and reduce costs. By participating in one of our energy-saving opportunities, homeowners, renters and multifamily property owners and managers can save energy while lowering their costs.

Home Efficiency for Qualified Energy Savers

We offer enhanced, energy-saving opportunities for qualified households through a FREE Home Energy Assessment.

Home Efficiency for Energy Savers

Get a Home Energy Assessment with a Program Ally Contractor to better understand where your home is losing energy and what you can do to fix it.

Switch From Propane to Electric

Make the switch to electric from propane and start saving.

Rebates on Energy-Efficient Products

Incentives and rebates on products to help improve comfort, manage usage, and reduce costs.

Online Marketplace

Purchase low-to-no cost smart thermostats at our Online Marketplace.

Financing for Homeowners

Financing Options for Your Home Energy Project

Take advantage of flexible, low-interest financing opportunities to pay for qualifying projects.

Get a Smart Thermostat

With a smart thermostat, you can save money, energy and time by automatically adjusting your heating and cooling needs.

Find the Right Contractor

Find the Right Program Ally Contractor for Your Project

We support a statewide network of certified Program Ally contractors who offer energy efficiency solutions that can help you improve comfort, manage energy usage, and reduce costs.

Energy Savings Information for Renters

There are many low-to-no-cost opportunities to help renters save energy without making major changes to your home.

Information for Multifamily Property Owners

If you own or manage a multifamily property serviced by Ameren Illinois — we may be able to help you and your tenants start saving on energy costs.

LED Lighting Energy Saving

Energy-Saving Tips and Tools

Learn more about how you save money and energy no matter what your budget.

Energy Savings Guide

There are easy, do-it-yourself energy-saving tasks that you can do to improve the comfort and resale value of your home.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Your energy-efficient business starts here. Receive a FREE Energy Consultation to take your next step in saving energy and money.

Saving Feels So Good

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