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  • In order to receive a discount from a participating distributor, you must provide the following information to the distributor:

            » Homeowner first and last name or business name
            » Installation location address, city, state, zip code
            » Homeowner or business phone number and email address
            » Homeowner or business Ameren Illinois electric account number
            » Estimated Installation Date

  • To continue being listed as an Instant Incentives Contractor on our website, you must remain up-to-date with your Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) Energy Efficiency Installer Recertification. You will automatically be removed from the website if your recertification lapses. You can re-enroll once you’ve become recertified.

  • Ameren Illinois business and residential electric customers are eligible for Instant Incentives, although different products and specifications apply. See the “Incentives and Distributors” dropdown for detailed eligibility information.

Program and Incentive Information

Contractors can receive an instant discount on Central Air Conditioners, Air Source Heat Pumps, Ductless Heat Pumps, Heat Pump Water Heaters, Notched V-belts, and Smart Thermostats and pass those savings on to your customers! To receive the discount, you must purchase from a participating Instant Incentives distributor.

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Instant Incentives Webpage for Business Customers

Instant Incentives Webpage for Residential Customers

View Categories, Requirements, and Incentive Levels

Instant Incentives Program Ally Contractors are required to maintain their ICC Installer Certification. The ICC requires all installers to renew their certifications by June 1 annually. There is no cost to renew, but there are late fees from $100 – $1,000 for missing the renewal due date. Please refer to our Installer Recertification Guide Video to determine where you stand as well as next steps.

To view your current ICC Installer Certification listing, visit the ICC’s Energy Efficiency Measures Installer webpage HERE.

Residential customers receiving Instant Incentives through Instant Incentives are also eligible for On-Bill Financing at 8.74% for up to a 10-year term. The interest rate is set to increase to 8.99% effective Nov. 1, 2023. Credit check does apply. Program Allies interested in being able to offer On-Bill Financing must be signed up with our financing vendor, Energy Finance Solutions (EFS). Once you’re enrolled with EFS, your customers will visit the EFS website to apply & you will use this form for pre-approval before installation and again after completion to initiate final approval for payment. For questions, please reach out to Robert Rusteberg at or 224.315.0644.

Marketing & Sales Resources

Promote Your Involvement with Co-Branding

As a Registered Program Ally, you can co-brand your marketing materials using the approved Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program Ally logo and text references, as well as order pre-approved co-branded marketing materials. You must follow all co-branding requirements in order to co-brand with the Program.

Co-Branding Requirements

Please read through the Co-Branding Requirements document linked below before creating any co-branded or Program-related marketing collateral. You will find important information on approved uses, text references, and logo requirements.

Co-Branding Requirements

Approved Program Ally Logos

Download the approved Registered Program Ally logos at the links below. Before using the logos in any of your marketing, be sure to read through the Co-Branding Requirements.

Download approved Registered Program Ally logos: Horizontal Version | Vertical Version

Submit Co-Branded Materials for Review & Approval

All co-branded materials created by our Program Allies must be approved by our Program per the Co-Branding Requirements. You can submit a request to have your materials, webpages, social media posts, etc. reviewed and approved by our Program at the link below.

Submit Co-Branded Materials for Review & Approval

Program Ally Marketing Portal

You can order Program-designed and pre-approved co-branded materials for FREE! You can simply download PDF versions or have them shipped to you free of charge.

Program Ally Social Media Toolkit

You can download Program-designed and pre-approved social media posts for FREE from our Program Ally Social Media Toolkit! Click the link below to learn more about the requirements and get started.

Program Ally Social Media Toolkit


If you have any questions, contact Jordan Nelson at or 1.309.981.9496.

Manufacturer Heat Pump Webinars

Samsung HVAC Webinar  |  Samsung HVAC Presentation

Lennox Webinar  |  Lennox Presentation

Mitsubishi Webinar  |  Mitsubishi Presentation

Heat Pump Water Heater Webinar for Program Allies – September 10, 2020

Heat pump water heaters use electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly. Therefore, they can be significantly more efficient than standard models. Now, with more generous incentives from Ameren Illinois starting this month, these super-efficient products can meet and beat inefficient electric water heaters on purchase price. Join us for an informational webinar to learn more about this equipment and how the incentive can change the conversation with homeowners – and improve your bottom line.

Heat Pump Water Heater Webinar

Heat Pump Water Heater Presentation