Steam Traps

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Steam Traps

If your facility uses steam boilers, it probably has multiple steam traps. Steam traps are automatic valves that release condensed steam while preventing the loss of live steam. They allow steam to flow at a controlled or adjusted rate for optimal energy efficiency. 

Eventually steam traps fail, and when they do, steam can be wasted and energy lost. A steam system that is not properly maintained may have as many as 30 percent of its steam traps failing. With proper maintenance, you could reduce your losses by 50 percent. 

Benefits of energy-efficient stream traps include:

  • Profitability — lower your operating costs by reducing the loss of steam and wasted energy
  • Reliability — high-efficiency steam traps and effective maintenance increase the lifespan of your equipment
  • Control — steam traps give you greater control, allowing steam to flow at a controlled rate for optimal efficiency