Municipality-Owned Street Lighting

Street lighting can account for as much as 40% of a municipality’s energy budget. By upgrading older, less efficient fixtures to high-efficiency LEDs, municipalities can reduce energy usage and operations costs by 30-50%, saving thousands of taxpayer dollars.

There are many benefits to upgrading street lighting to high-efficiency LEDs:

  • Reduce energy use — LED streetlights use about 50% less energy.
  • Longer life — Extending the life of your streetlights means lower maintenance costs.
  • Safety — Improved quality of light and more uniform illumination makes for better security and safer roads.
  • Networking — LED streetlights can be networked or integrated with controls for enhanced safety.
  • SustainabilityLEDs contain no toxic materials and are recyclable.

If your community has been looking for ways to further reduce energy use and cut down maintenance costs, an upgrade to LED street lighting could be the perfect fit. Our Energy Advisors can provide a
 FREE energy consultation to advise you on lighting upgrades — and show you even more ways to reduce your energy use.