ENCOLOR LLC (ENCOLOR) is issuing this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) on behalf of Leidos Engineering LLC (Leidos) to identify a partner or partners to provide implementation services for the Ameren Illinois’ Healthier Homes Channel and/or the Accessibility Pilot beginning in mid-2023 through 2025. Bidders can choose to bid on one or both of the initiatives. The selected bidder(s) will subcontract with Leidos, the prime implementer of the Ameren Illinois’ Energy Efficiency Program. Local and/or diverse suppliers are encouraged to review and respond to the RFP.

Initiative Overviews

Healthier Homes is an integrated service model for delivering energy and health related products and services. Eligible customers can receive assessments, no-cost home upgrades and inspection in addition to indoor air quality monitoring. The successful bidder will work with customers living with respiratory ailments in low- and moderate-income (LMI) communities, providing home health and energy assessments and installing appropriate technologies to improve efficiency and occupant health.

The Accessibility Offering is intended to enhance the lives of Residential customers with disabilities through various smart home devices installed at no cost to the customers. The smart devices include smart speakers, voice-activated lighting and other devices, smart thermostats and advanced power strips to help enhance the customers’ lives by making their homes more accessible, safer, and energy-efficient.

This RFP is being reissued in September of 2023, more information can be found here.

Please note that the deadline for submitting proposals in response to the RFP has been extended to August 8, 2023, at 4 PM Central.

Goals and Responsibilities

The Initiatives have these foundational goals:

  • Target potential customers who self-identify with respiratory ailments
  • Reduce environmental triggers and improve indoor air quality, as confirmed by air quality monitors
  • Demonstrate to healthcare partners a path to a future, sustainable partnership, expanding the reach and scope of the program offering as healthcare dollars contributes to healthy outcomes
  • Advance the Market Development Initiative (MDI) goals
  • Build relationships with customers, community partners, and Program Allies
  • Determine the scalability of the effort

The selected implementer(s) will have a key role in implementing the Initiatives. Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Working with healthcare providers and local community organizations to identify potential program participants.
  • Support customer enrollment through a self-assessment for respiratory ailments.
  • Perform a home health and energy assessment and install weatherization measures at homes based on a screening survey and/or healthcare organization referral. Energy Technicians must be a Healthy Homes Evaluator (HHE) through the Building Performance Institute (BPI).
  • For more complex installations, schedule a Program Ally installation and follow-up appointments in conjunction with existing Ameren Illinois Income Qualified Single Family channel.
  • Build, train, and maintain a specialized network of local Program Allies
  • Gather referrals from EE program staff and partners, such as Easter Seals and Peoria Production Shop.
  • Recruit and qualify customers.
  • Conduct in-home assessments with a qualified Energy Technician that can direct install applicable measures.
  • For more complex installations, schedule a Program Ally installation and follow-up appointments in conjunction with existing Ameren Illinois Income Qualified Single Family channel.
  • Provide monitoring and support, as necessary, after installation is complete.
  • Work with partners to manage inventory including ordering, accounting, and inventory tracking for measures/products.
  • Build, train and maintain a specialized network of local Program Allies that are qualified to install smart home technologies.

*Estimated dates; subject to change.

By switching to heat supplied through electricity, not only will you save every month on energy costs, but you also have the convenience and reliability of the Ameren Illinois electric delivery system.

Advantage of Switching From Propane to Electric:

• Affordable: Unlike propane and oil heating, electric heating costs remain stable over the years. Electricity is currently a cheaper option for heating and is predicted to remain so for many years.

• Safe and Reliable: With no burning materials, combustible gases or noxious fumes, electric heating is the safest possible heating solution for your home. Efficient electric appliances typically involve heat pumps or induction technology which have become increasingly more reliable versus early versions of those technologies.

• Convenient: The Ameren Illinois electric system is already connected to your home to deliver electricity in a reliable manner. You never need to worry about running low on fuel, scheduling tank refills or maintaining storage tanks.

Improve the heating and cooling efficiency of your home by switching from propane to electric heating options like an air source heat pump. Air source heat pumps offer highly efficient heating and cooling in one integrated system. In the summer, air source heat pumps are air conditioners that pump heat out of your home. In the winter, they reverse, becoming heaters that pump heat into your home.

Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps:

• Reduced Heating Costs: An ENERGY STAR® certified air source heat pump provides heating for approximately one third the cost of traditional electric baseboard heating, depending on where you live, and approximately half the cost of oil or propane heat. An air source heat pump is so efficient that it can deliver up to three times more heat energy to a home than the electrical energy it consumes.

• Reduced Cooling Costs: During the summer months, a central air source heat pump automatically becomes a central air conditioner. With ENERGY STAR products, you’ll also have reduced cooling bills due to highly efficient operation.

• Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions: An air source heat pump is good for your home and good for the planet. On average, ENERGY STAR certified models avoid more than 4,500 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions over the course of their lifespan compared to standard systems.

• Less Infrastructure: Air source heat pumps offer highly efficient heating and cooling in one integrated system.

Through the Home Efficiency Income Qualified (HEIQ) Initiative, eligible Ameren Illinois customers receive a FREE Home Energy Assessment to learn where your home is losing energy and discover ways to incorporate energy-efficient home improvements like LED lightbulbs, advanced power strips and heat pumps, all at no cost to you!

Benefits of a FREE Home Energy Assessment:

• Energy Usage: Understand how much energy your home is using and what appliances and products are using the most energy.

• Health and Safety: Uncover hidden problems that could be wasting energy and making your home unsafe, like poorly insulated walls and improper ventilation.

• Savings: Identify incentives to help determine budgeting for projects.

• Free Energy-Saving Products: During the Home Energy Assessment, receive FREE installation of energy-efficient products in your home. Propane appliances (furnaces, water heaters, stoves and clothes dryers) may be eligible for free replacement with electric appliances (heat pump water heaters, induction stoves, or heat pump clothes dryers).