Gas Furnaces

Choosing high-efficiency equipment can save you energy and improve the comfort of your home.

$135 Discount

Why Buy an Energy-Efficiency Furnace?

Nearly half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling, and ENERGY STAR® furnaces are up to fifteen percent more energy-efficient than baseline models.*


Incentives & Eligibility

How to Receive a Discount

Through Instant Incentives, there are two ways to receive a discount of $135 for a gas furnace: 

  1. Contact your trusted HVAC contractor and encourage them to purchase from one of the participating distributors listed at to receive a discount.

  2. Contact an Instant Incentives Program Ally Contractor, who have self-attested to understand how to receive discounts from participating distributors

Ensure your contractor is aware of these requirements to qualify for the instant discount:

• Maximum capacity of 224.9 kBtu.

• Must be 95% AFUE efficiency or greater as confirmed by AHRI.

• Limit two per Residential account.

To qualify for incentives, you must be an Ameren Illinois residential gas customer.

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