Pumps, Motors & Drives

Benefits of Energy Efficient Pumps, Motors & Drives

Your facility or building can optimize and take control of your system and equipment performance with high-efficiency pumps, motors, and drives. Proper sizing of pumps, motors, and drives is the most important factor in your systems’ efficiency.


Pumps are often issued in industrial processes, machine tools, and HVAC systems. Significant energy and cost savings can be achieved in pump systems by applying efficient energy management practices and purchasing the right-sized, high-efficiency system.


Motors can use more energy than any other piece of equipment in a building — supplying ventilation, running pumps, and heating and cooling your space. By installing high-efficiency motors, your business can save both energy and money.

Variable Frequency Drives

Many motors run at a constant speed, even when they don’t need to — wasting energy and wearing your equipment out faster. Variable frequency drives are energy-saving controls that help your equipment operate at the most efficient speed.

Benefits of energy-efficient pumps, motors, and drives include:

  • Profitability — lower your operating costs by using only as much energy as needed
  • Reliability — high-efficiency pumps, motors, and drives increase the lifespan of your equipment by reducing wear and tear
  • Comfort — these efficient systems create greater comfort throughout your facilities and buildings through reduced equipment noise