Heat Pump Systems

Benefits of Ground Source Heat Pumps

Using oil or propane to heat and cool your business? There are better, more efficient technologies, such as heat pumps, that are making it possible for businesses to keep employees comfortable year-round, save energy, and reduce their carbon footprint. Heat pumps work by drawing heat from the environment and moving it indoors to heat or moving it outdoors to cool.

Ground source (or geothermal) heat pumps extract heat from the ground. During the warmer months, this process is reversed for cooling. They can also provide hot water for your building. 

Benefits of ground source heat pumps include:

  • Savings — ground source heat pumps reduce heating and cooling expenses 
  • Cleaner, safer, and healthier — with no combustion and fewer emissions, ground source heat pumps could greatly improve the air quality of your business
  • Quieter — ground source heat pumps create a more comfortable work environment with quiet, even heating and cooling
  • Carbon Footprint — with a ground source heat pump, you can reduce the environmental impact of your business, with no combustion of fossil fuels, fuel storage, or carbon monoxide emissions