Heat Pump Systems

Ground source (or geothermal) heat pumps provide energy-efficient heating and cooling by exchanging hot or cold air with relatively consistent underground temperatures.

In summer months, warm air from above ground is cooled by lower underground temperatures, while the process is reversed when building heating is needed.

Ground source heat pump systems also have a longer life than traditional HVAC units, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

  • Savings Ground source heat pumps use 70% to 80% less electricity than conventional heating or cooling systems*. 
  • Health and safety — With no combustion and fewer emissions, ground source heat pumps could greatly improve the air quality of your business.
  • Noise reductionGround source heat pumps have no outside condensing units, resulting in much quieter operation. 
  • Sustainability — Installing energy efficient equipment, like ground source heat pumps, can help you meet your environmental goals now and in the future.

Source: energystar.gov