On-Bill Financing

The Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program remains committed to helping customers improve the comfort of their home, manage energy usage and reduce energy expenses. Ameren Illinois offers On-Bill Financing to help customers manage the costs of energy efficiency upgrades. energy costs.

What is On-Bill Financing?

On-Bill Financing is offered as a way of funding energy efficiency projects a Residential customer may wish to complete for their home. For customers and energy efficiency projects that qualify for On-Bill Financing, Ameren Illinois will pay the out-of-pocket cost upfront, then the customer will utilize On-Bill Financing to repay the loan, with interest, by submitting regular payments through their existing Ameren Illinois energy bill. The interest rate for Residential On-Bill Financing loans is currently at 8.99%.

Do I Qualify for On-Bill Financing?

To be considered for On-Bill Financing to help pay for the cost of an energy efficiency home upgrades, Residential customers must meet the following criteria. Additional criteria may be applicable and can be found HERE.

  • Must be the primary person listed on the Ameren Illinois account.
  • Must be current on your energy bill payment.
  • Within the last year, you have NOT had a disconnect on your account.
  • You are currently NOT on a payment agreement.
  • Must have a minimum credit score of 640.
  • Must have a debt to income ration of less than 50% (for loans over $3,000).
To keep your On-Bill Financing eligibility, customers must stay current on your Ameren Illinois energy bill during the project lifespan.

For questions, contact Energy Finance Solutions (EFS) at 1.855.433.2700 or efs@energyfinancesolutions.com.